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Cara Mia Angel Card Readings and Courses

I absolutely adore working with Angels and have been blessed for them to allow me to strengthen my connection with them to provide loving guidance through angel card readings, workshops and my online courses.

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Angel Card Reading
30-45 mins £44

A One Off Reading Focusing on Any Aspect of Your Life

Our Angels love to help and provide us with love and guidance. You can have a reading based on a specific area of you life e.g. career, finances, relationships. General readings are most popular as we surrender completely to what the angels feel we need to know.

Please allow for 72 hours to receive your reading

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Angel Card Reading
Subscription £22.22

Get a Monthly Subscription and Receive Weekly Personalised Readings

For just £22.22 a month you will receive monthly guidance from your angels detailing where your energies should be focused on for the upcoming month.

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Angel Card Reading
Online Course £140

Learn How to Read Cards for Yourself and Others

Do you want to learn how to read Angel cards and connect with the beautiful angelic energy? This course is perfect for both giving readings for yourself for personal guidance or to help you create your own online business by giving readings for others with the loving energy of your angels.

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Angel Card Group Readings
Reading £25 PP

Why not Enjoy an Angel Card Party with Your Friends Both Online or In the Comfort of Your Own Home.

What better way to have a night in than with your friends and your beautiful angels? You'll each receive an angel card reading filled with love and guidance for the investment of £25pp (min 6 people)

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