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Female Hypnotherapy Patient

Client Testimonials

Thank you For Your Kind Words.

I have always loved cars and driving, so when I suddenly developed a completely irrational fear of driving I was terrified and so angry with myself. My husband had bought a new car last November and I only drove it for the first time this April, seriously it was a joke. I knew Cara had qualified as a hypnotherapist so contacted her, had my initial consultation and agreed to 4 sessions. Well what an amazing experience and outcome. Cara's voice is so soothing and she is completely non judgemental and so easy to talk to.
I drive both our cars now without any apprehension or fear, on local roads and motorways navigating the lane changes and overtaking when appropriate and safe to do so. I have my life back, I can now travel to friends and appointments at any time of the day without panicking about the traffic.
Hypnotherapy is a magical thing, absolutely amazing and for me it works, it's absolutely amazing and has helped me regain my freedom and my love of driving. Oh and my husband has now lost his car it's my new toy now.
Cara I honestly cannot thank you enough for what you have helped me to achieve, if anybody is considering hypnotherapy, worried about reaching out, please just give it a go, you have absolutely nothing to lose and so do much to gain.
All my love and thanks

Christine Lewis

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